Landscape At Large

by Sophie Cooper



This was a split release with Ignatz that originally came out on Tor Press.


released November 19, 2013

Written and recorded by Sophie Cooper.

Mastered by Andie Brown.



all rights reserved


Sophie Cooper Todmorden, UK

A musician from Stoke on Trent who now lives in West Yorkshire.

Releases on Wild Silence, Exotic Pylon, Tor Press, Blackest Rainbow, Night People, Bum Tapes.

The truth is out there, deep in my red heart: Manchester / Brighton / Stoke on Trent / London / Jakarta
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Track Name: Once, My Heart Was Blind
Once, my heart was blind,
Once my heart was blind it did not see.
Two arms folded across my chest,
Two arms weighed for my hopes to rest,
Rested hope to forsake a sight,
My heart was blind it did not see the light.

This choice was strict and opposed upon,
And terrified the heart of at least not one,
The wall remained, two arms remained,
My heart, it's closed sight was here to stay.

And then my heart, was exposed by two hands.
And into these hands, I placed mine.
In return for these hands, I exposed my heart.
Track Name: We'll Laugh About This When We're Older, We Won't Know Each Other Then.
You're the face in my nightmare
You're all my dreams come true
I've placed a curse on you to suffer
You'll never sleep the whole night through

That time in the carpark
I was standing alone
Surrounded by every object I own
The front door was open and from there you appeared
You looked the other way I'd completely disappeared

I'll visit you when you're sleeping
I'll chase you all over the place
Double the pain you have caused me
Invade your every space

For weeks before you had been ignoring me
I'll never know the reason, I'm unable to see
This was all your decision, your judgement, your brain
I've never been so hurt, You're completely to blame

You're no friend to call my own, you'll always be alone.
Track Name: Billy in the Field
Remember that time in the park?
White wishes flew over your face
And I thought for a second that I loved you
Then realised it was just the drink thinking
And you just looked especially good.